Q 1339

Can the Talontar Blightlord PrC's 10th lvl ability to become a plant (Unapproachable East 34) be used with the Arcane Hierophant PrC's 6th lvl ability to deliver spells from plants (Races of the Wild 108)?

Blightlord's text says "her type changes to 'plant'", and Hierophant's text says "conduit between yourself and a natural, nonanimated plant (but not creatures of the plant type)". I'm not sure about how the differences between type: plant, type: creature (plant subtype), and type: plant (but really a creature) work from the wording of the two classes.

Q 1340

If Blightlord's class ability doesn't work, is there another way to play a plant character that Hierophant will work with? (template, class, wildshape, something?)