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    Quote Originally Posted by Kato View Post
    Well, in his defense, he is a straight male as far as I know.
    No matter how hard I tried I don't think I could write down a way to describe a man in a way that a woman would feel... aroused. Or interested. Whatever word one would prefer. Okay, he is a professional writer but still. I don't think it is easy for a man to capture what really attracts a woman and the other way round.
    He could just stop to describe the thoughts of his female characters in such an implausible way as "Her small breasts moved freely under the vest" or such. He could to that bit of research he would need to find out that, no, women don't usually think about their breasts, and if they do, it's probably because they notice a man looking at them.
    And of course research the fact that the percentage of women who are heteroromantic, heterosexual and homosexual is significantly lower than he seems to think..and therefore, hetero women don't usually have sex with each other. He just needs to get his mind wrapped around the fact that no, just because he likes to have sex with women, not everyone wants it.

    @Traab: And men have no emotions, or what?
    Also, if we define fanservice as something that's unnecessarily stuffed in and has no relevance to the plot, emotions cannot be fanservice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Surrealistik View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Serpentine View Post
    A beautiful woman diving into battle, hair blowing in the wind and face splashed with blood as she roars her fury at the men crumpling beneath her blows: sexy.
    That's a pretty chilling definition of sexy.

    Hey, that's so sexy even I, a heterosexual woman, can see how sexy it is.
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