[Outside Trog's - Don't Push the Red Button...Push the Big Red Button!]

And eject Miriah! Yay! That would make Alyca very, very happy!

"Yes, we do."
"No, we don't. We go to business parties six or seven times a month."
"That counts as often, Miriah."

Sisterly arguing! Yay?

"Have you ever been to a party before, Justin? And are you hungry or thirsty? We were planning on driving through MagDonalds before we show up just in case the food is terrible."

Alyca steps on the gas and they're off! Vroom! Man, this car figuratively flies!

Oh Justin! Look at all the buttons in front of you! And...is that a television with a video game system hooked up to it suspended from the ceiling? Swag!

[Abandoned-Looking Factory]

Because Clarissa is chaotic evil! Mwahahahaha!

The cute baby dragon cutely stares up at Zefir with wide eyes! Cuteness overload! D'aww!

It is petted! Usually, these dragons aren't that affectionate with anyone but...


The baby dragon attempts to rub itself against Zefir's legs!

"Where's mommy?"

Because mommy is supposed to be even more affectionate than daddy!