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Also, if we define fanservice as something that's unnecessarily stuffed in and has no relevance to the plot, emotions cannot be fanservice.
Emotion isn't an unqualified good thing, and certainly isn't always plot relevant. Look at pretty much any commonly-derided bad romance plot; the characters don't often lack emotion, rather they have more emotion than is called for and express it unrealistically. Badly done romance is really soul-incineratingly awful, and even good romance rarely adds to a work IMO.

But yeah, the Women = Romance, Men = Porn thing is super overplayed. As much as I'd love to find someone to pin it on, intrusive romance subplots aren't the fault of any one demographic. Bad taste knows no gender.

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Hey, that's so sexy even I, a heterosexual woman, can see how sexy it is.
Well, certainly sounds empowering and I love seeing that kind of character in media, but sexy? I've heard everyone's sexier in red, but I'm pretty sure they weren't thinking of intestines when they came up with the idea.