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Aegis Vaults

Ow ow ow. Decibel's fist. Decibel's face. But he's not going to let a silly thing like a concussion stop him! Superheroes shrug off things like those and so does our probably not certified Doctor!

He hops to his feet. "Justice never ceases!" And claps his hands together for a sonic boom attack at the ghost. Though it's weaker than usual, if the shaking and holding of that injured hand after the fact is any indication.
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Aegis Vaults

The bank manager still has a pulse and stirs noticeably when Gelley tries to wake him, but he doesn't look like he'll be standing under his own power anytime soon. The best he can do is mumble out a disjointed slurry of gibberish and mush-mouthed noises, drooling over the floor in the process.

Which is a real shame, 'cause the big hand scanner on the control panel to get the door to open prob'lly isn't gonna accept Gelley or Dr. Dec's handprints.

Meanwhile, Decibel tries to punch a ghost! This is exactly as effective as you would think, succeeding only in forewarning said ghost it's presence has been detected. The ethereal cloud collapses in upon itself, re-entering the visible spectrum as it takes once more a humanoid form.

Yeeeaaah, that ain't gonna work to well, buddy. Suggest you knock it off 'fore I get mad.
Gelley, not sure what to do about a ghost, decides to see if the bank has any spectral countermeasures. She drags the drooling heap of a man over to his hand-scanner, trying to press his palm against it.