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    Quote Originally Posted by Themrys View Post
    He could just stop to describe the thoughts of his female characters in such an implausible way as "Her small breasts moved freely under the vest" or such. He could to that bit of research he would need to find out that, no, women don't usually think about their breasts, and if they do, it's probably because they notice a man looking at them.
    And of course research the fact that the percentage of women who are heteroromantic, heterosexual and homosexual is significantly lower than he seems to think..and therefore, hetero women don't usually have sex with each other. He just needs to get his mind wrapped around the fact that no, just because he likes to have sex with women, not everyone wants it.
    Ehh, I've heard girls talk about how annoying it is to go running without a sports bra on. So having a girl feel their breasts moving about doesn't seem that weird to me. Course I don't have a pair of them myself so all I got is second hand knowledge here.

    In any case, yeah, sometimes old GRRM can write a bad line like that. But let's tally here. You ladies got "her breasts moved freely" us guys had "fat pink mast." I say you come out ahead here.


    Hey, that's so sexy even I, a heterosexual woman, can see how sexy it is.
    You ever seen someone get splashed with blood as Serps describes? It doesn't matter who you are, or how attractive you might be. It ain't sexy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Water_Bear View Post
    Badly done romance is really soul-incineratingly awful, and even good romance rarely adds to a work IMO.

    But yeah, the Women = Romance, Men = Porn thing is super overplayed. As much as I'd love to find someone to pin it on, intrusive romance subplots aren't the fault of any one demographic. Bad taste knows no gender.
    I agree. I say we should remove all romantic subplots from media.

    I'm only half joking here, I despise almost all romantic subplots. I also want to punch whoever it was that decided that no matter what the genre, media, or story there needs to be some form of romance going on. It's boring and unnecessary.
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