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    Now it's time for fun! Let's see what a Beguiler can truly do in combat....

    Maz just smirks as he see the hobogoblins swinging about. Just as he planned, they were surprised and unable to counter his simple tactic. Now, to see what happens when they're surrounded.

    With a bit of effort, he reaches out to his arcane energies, and tugs. Soon, the area the hobogoblins are in is filled to the brim with ghostly warriors, all poised to strike them at a moment's notice.


    Casting Legion of Sentinels (spell in PH 2, basically summons a bunch of warriors in an area that can only attack through AoO). It fills a 10ft emanation, trying to capture as many as possible in the area. This'll also let me see how skilled they are without breaking my invisibility! That is, if they're smart enough to attack the warriors instead of moving around....

    Since it's an emanation, there are warriors in the air too, right? As in, directly above the hobogoblins, and can attack them too?

    Next step, to get them to move and provoke AoO's
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