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Hey there,

Was hoping to get some assistance with this. I've been doing some searching (and will continue do so), however, I'm not having as much luck as I've had in the past, so I figured I'd try to extend my resources (ie you )

I'm trying to find some pics for a new D&D character I'm building, and I'm having trouble finding one. I was hoping some of you may have seen/come across something that might work, save me some search time.

I'm not asking anyone to go on any extensive searches for me, just if you happen to know of any pics that fit the bill, please point me in the right direction!!

I appreciate it.

Essentially I'm playing an awakened psi-crystal. I've started searching/gathering stand alone pics of blue sapphires/crystals as the base pic, however, what I'm having trouble finding is one of humanoids with a (blue) gem/crystal embedded in their forehead.

Obviously I'm not too picky about the host being human/elf/male/female, since I can probably use them all at some point. Color isn't that important, either - that's not hard to change in photoshop

Any ideas? As I said, I've not been having much look in Google or Deviant Art (yet).
Maybe it can suggest EREMENTAR GERAD is this style character appearing.
For example Ren.