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uuhhh problem with your hypothesis on how that would work:

First thing you do with omnipotence: "I grant myself omniscience"

There. that was not hard at all. effortless even.

edit: which is of course, completely ignoring the fact that since your omnipotent, you can just say that the universe won't collapse from anything you do, because your omnipotent, and that furthermore you can just make a universe where paradoxes are simply not a problem, because omnipotence.

any attempt at applying something silly like logic to Omnipotence won't really get you anywhere, because the solution is always: I am omnipotent, and therefore anything can happen.
... yup, I realized this a few minutes after I posted. Rather stupid of me in fact.


You have fun with your uber-godly powers; I'll just be over here, causing kitchen knives to glow.