[Surgical Wing - Drugs, Scary Robots, and 'Medical Waste']

But Gary's not a scientist! He's a receptionist who's in way over his head! He doesn't want to poke at Spec's organs or anything, fascinating as that might be with her non-human biology. The Elexxion employee speaks more quietly, poking at her weaponized arm. "Well, we've blasted off all your scars ma'am. It looks excellent, I must say," he says that dispassionately, trying to act professional as well as courteous. "Also, you're now the queen of a star named Kulaxis, which houses colonies of tiny fire people in little hydrogen houses." Huh. Wonder how addled her brain is. Gary says it with such oddly stupendous sincerity.


"Actually, Andreas, we assumed that meant quality work," Emma says, incredulous. "But I have to ask. What is the point of creating a personalized suit?"