To be 100% fair, Skyrim was the first Elder Scrolls game not to have a class system. In previous entries, class determined how fast skills level up and what value you start with in each skill: Mages start the game better at magic than Pilgrims do, but a Pilgrim can learn all the same spells a Mage can, it'll just take them longer. This pre-Skyrim idea of classes very well could have been what they meant.

That said, I'm very cynical about this whole thing and would not be surprised in the slightest if they had a WoW-style class system, talent trees and all.

To be honest, watching the video, the whole thing just reminds me of Fable, but with a focus on raiding and gimmicky PVP war sequences (that I guarantee will be scripted, which sucks just about the only interesting thing this game could have brought to the MMO market off the table). This is not a good thing.