Alex Delarge
Rivalz backs away a step, making nervous sounds. You've managed to keep him at heel with the threat of physical harm, but really he's good for very little. You might as well just get rid of him so you don't have his whiny voice in your ear the entire time. Nothing spoils a night on the town like a bratchny narc who won't stop griping.
Of course, you have more interesting things to concern yourself with. The Book of Pure Evil. A tome of ancient, long forgotten lore, for a very specific intended audience. As you open it, a spider skitters halfway across the book, brushes against a segment written in some language that seems to use pictograms, and turns instantly to stone. If you had more time you'd muse on that, however the pages begin to turn of their own violation to the back of the book, where the appendix would be in another sort of informative text. Their is a map of the Quilette reservation, where (on the ground that was once used for the burial of their dead, in the long, long ago) the native Americans have built a casino (much of which is not strictly speaking legal, and underground, incidentally where Lelouch does his gambling). Beneath that is the heading 'For Fortune', and beneath that is a list of all the winning combination's that night. What to expect every hand played, every dice rolled, every table swept. Apparently, it senses your intent, both in terms of what you want to do, and of where your going, and is trying to be helpful.
A man more experienced with the book would be very suspicious (re: flat out terrified) of how helpful it's being, but it has it's reasons. The most pressing of these being that it like's Alex, particularly his attitude. Here's a man that could let the really 'creative' aspects of the book come to the fore, if he's nurtured correctly.

"I am certain." Lelouch replies, and means every word. "If there is one thing recent events have taught me, it's that the time when I could depend on others to fight my battles for me is long past. We can start as soon as you are ready."
Which seems an odd attitude for a man asking you for help, but he's not finished speaking. "This makes me twice in your debt, Touga. I doubt you to have forgotten, but if there is any way I can repay you, do not hesitate to ask." He's earnest and quite serious, and something in his deep violet eyes suggests that he's quite capable of making good. Perhaps you can use him as he uses you, to try to get closer to her.

Magician's Duel (Harry, Alex, Salem, Mickey)
For the last twelve minutes (yet it feels like so much longer), since Harry threw down the gauntlet in a rather dramatic way, the two of you have been testing each others defenses and preparing yourselves for the coming ordeal (Shirou had mostly kept out of your way).
Alex did not major in combat magic. And what she knew was mostly the showy sort, rather then the practicalities of using magic to end a life, which had not prepared her for this. Harry was an Auror standard wizard, who hadn't won countless duels on luck alone. She was defending herself using animated furniture, chairs, tables, desks and anything else handy whirling through the corridor in a parody of motion, acting as maneuverable shields by imposing themselves between her and the spells, and increasing the density of them in order to make them more durable, and able to survive damages.
Then she decides to stop being reactive, and to retaliate with her own brand of skills. She takes a deep breath, rolls her shoulders, then blurs, and an identical duplicate materializes beside her. Then a third, then a sixth, then there are ten of her, all acting as puppeteers to the crude magical constructs. Now that's a trick. But are they reflections with her conscious split between them, or autonomous clones?

With Archer having, in the vernacular, gotten the hell outa dodge, Mickey turns to Salem. "Well, this would seem to be in my favor. I know I can take you one at a time." He says, shouldering the giant key he uses for a sword, and giving you a small smile that has a dangerous power of it's own. "Maybe I should tie one hand behind my back."

You have been asked to locate a girl, Kallen Kōzuki, and protect her, as she's apparently about to meet some very dangerous people who dress as bats when it gets dark. It's easy enough to remember her, she's on the student council and Lelouch gave you a photo to make sure.
She's on the student council.
Which makes the matter even easier to resolve. Your best bet is to go and talk to Mily Ashford, who seems to run the group with a gentle but iron hand. She's easy enough to locate. The principle's office, explaining to the former navy seal what's to be expected of him and his soldiers, now that Souske has been debriefed. Poor Sam Axe's long career in espionage and breaking enemy operatives without resorting to torture has not prepared him for a force of nature like Mily Ashford. You should begin by going in and asking her.

You've been dragged off with the rest of the students who experienced Mr/Mrs Garrison's endorsement of brutal lynchings at the slightest provocation, by the school councilor Atticus J. Murphy. His suit is rumpled, suggesting he's both run and slept in it, his hair is sticking out all over the place, and there a deep bags under his eyes. He doesn't look like he's in any shape to deal with himself, let alone this crop of students, which, based on your powers of observation, include not only yourself, but a suspiciously feminine cyborg, an alien, and an exiled Prince of China.
There's something really odd about this school.
You've all been gotten dressed again, and Atticus is still doing his best to hurry you all along, and bunch you up so he can watch you all.
Atticus gives you all a shaky look that suggests he's trying to be reassuring, but doesn't even have it in him to reassure himself, and clears his throat. "Ah… so, how was that? Wow, Mr/Mrs Garrison. Who'd have thought. Always the quiet ones. Hope nobody was hurt, you better stay away from the 3rd floor, sounds like an electric malfunction or something."
He adds, indicating the area where Potter and Alex Russo are out for blood. He's sweating bullets, and his hands are trembling. He's had to mop his brow with his tie twice. He looks like a man who has only just realized he's been left with just enough rope left to hang himself. "Anyway, I'm going to need you all to empty your bags, while I look for something. Or I'll expel you. Right now. Hurry up, damnit! I don't have all day!" He fiddles with his tie, and starts working his collar loose, suddenly feeling strangled, and he keeps glancing over at the windows where The Book Mobile can be glimpsed. He needs to resolve this quickly or they'll string him up. Fortunately, he has a lead.
A violent and spontaneous attempted lynching of students. That had to be caused by the book, right? But each bag, while many of which have interesting contents, proves to be lacking in the eldritch tome of forgotten lore front. Finally, he comes to you.

Jack Frost hurls long lances of ice at you. You know for a fact he's capable of using his powers far more effectively, apparently he's having what he thinks of as fun.