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    The Tau's biological sciences aren't that advanced -- they live to be like 40-50 years old, and dont seem to even have rejuvenat treatments....

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    For my money, what you seem to be assuming is that the Culture don't have the warp, so it's not important and can be safely severed because, hey, the culture managed fine without it! Only that undermines the 40k fluff for the Warp at a fundamental level. It works much, much better and respectfully for the 40k side if we instead assume that the Warp in the Cultureverse is calm, without evil boogeymen living in it and generally not an issue, but still there and still a vital part of the metaphysical side of existence. As far as I understand, this would have been the case in the 40k universe too, at certain points in it's history and returning it to this state is a very rational end-goal and part of what defeating chaos should entail.
    I'm actually starting to agree with this interpretation...
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