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The stipulation was that all the tech continues to work as they did in their original universes. The warp doesn't exist in the Culture's universe.

Which means that regardless of whatever happens to the warp, the Culture's tech keeps working just as it did before.
None of the Culture's tech (which includes the ability to make people from nothing) relies on the warp and it won't stop working by the warp going missing.

That doesn't mean the metaphysical is 'ousted in favour of the other side'.
They both still affect each other. The warp still affects the Culture's organics and scrap code still works on Culture electronics. The Culture's organics still have souls. A C'tan shard can still give a GCU a hard time.

It just means that the Culture's ability to reload from backup isn't going to be affected by a little matter of the warp going missing. Its not like biology stops working just because the warp doesn't exist in this region of space (see Blanks, the warp doesn't work for them)

Similarly, I don't accept the explanation that the Culture's cloning only works because their belief in their own science calms the warp enough for cloning to work.
Their cloning works because their tech works and is accurate.

And in reverse, 40k's warp tech does continue to work just as it did. 40k's cloning tech doesn't work, the warp will still continue to reality rewrite.
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It's not that tampering with emotions and the mind is made impossible by the Warp. I'm entirely fine with the Culture's science shenanigans working fine in in the 40k verse.

But there's a difference between losing an emotion or two and having a metaphysical layer of reality torn away.

For my money, what you seem to be assuming is that the Culture don't have the warp, so it's not important and can be safely severed because, hey, the culture managed fine without it! Only that undermines the 40k fluff for the Warp at a fundamental level. It works much, much better and respectfully for the 40k side if we instead assume that the Warp in the Cultureverse is calm, without evil boogeymen living in it and generally not an issue, but still there and still a vital part of the metaphysical side of existence. As far as I understand, this would have been the case in the 40k universe too, at certain points in it's history and returning it to this state is a very rational end-goal and part of what defeating chaos should entail.

As for 40k and cloning, well, the fact it goes wrong all the time isn't, as far as I know, supposed to be from a single, traceable source. It's a genre thing like how humanity's AI turned against them. It could be as simple as being an effect of the tumultous nature of the warp in the 40k setting, subtle altering probabilities so that if something, anything can go wrong it is more likely. With the Culture's greater understanding of the process and the science involved, and crucially because it happens instantly via startrek style space-magic-tech rather than using bio-tanks and longer periods of time, it's simply a safer and more reliable method and there is less to no chance of anything going wrong short of direct demonic interferance (which is still a possibility).
Well Tiki beat me to it but yeah basically this. The Culture doesn't realize what effect the Warp has and are perfectly fine without it and think it doesn't matter. But they do share the same connection to it like everything else. Their tech still works the same but if they developed a tech to cut off the warp their meat-bag citizens would likely all die.

Or to put it another way the Culture is flat out wrong that there isn't a fundamental difference between their AI citizens and the meat citizens.