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    Luke Cage

    Luke staggers slightly under the assault of the Hobgoblin's gas. He glares balefully up at the Hob's glider and holds his breath. Of course, attacked by a flying idiot


    Solo d6 (1d6)[5]
    Come Get Some d4 (1d4)[2] I'll use that PP in a bit.
    Superhuman Stamina d10 (1d10)[1]
    That's one oppurtunity for the Watcher

    Luke takes two steps back and runs in to a brick wall. Literally.

    He grins savagely. Bet you don't see this coming Gobby.

    He runs toward the flying menace and jumps up mightily, executing a flawless layup. One fist clenched tight, one hand stretching towards the Hobgoblin.


    Solo d6 (1d6)[2]
    Spend that PP to get Versitile 2d8 for the jump (2d8)[2][6](8)
    Combat Expert d8 (1d8)[5]
    I'll take that 11
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