Luke Cage

OOC: finally a post. I was worried people had forgotten this game.

How much mental stress did u get from the hobgoblin attack? It would be nice if you posted what your result and effect reaction die was, so I can incorporate any stress or complications into my reaction roll.

From what I can tell you failed your reaction roll by 7. That means the d10 mental stress effect die is stepped up to d12. Correct me if I am wrong.

Get a pp for the opportunity. The Doompool steps up a d6 to a d8.
Doom pool is currently 3d6+2d8+1d10

IC: Hobgoblin looks at the leaping Hero for Hire in surprise, before he stepped off the board ending up in freefall but avoiding your attack. Just as it looked like he was about to crash into the ground, the glider flew underneath him and he landed to safely. He laughed maniacly as he started to come round to face Cage.


Insane D4 (add d6 to Doompool), Solo D8, Flight d8, Enhanced Durability d8, Acrobatic d8= [2,2,1,8,5] = (18)

13 with a d8 Effect. One opportunity if you want it.
I forgot to the add the mental stress, but he avoided the attack anyway so I felt it unnecessary to add it.

However his SFX activates: SFX: Easy Glider. On any successful reaction that includes FLIGHT, convert opponent's effect die into a Goblin Glider Stunt. So next turn Hobgoblin gets a d8 Glider Blades Stunt

OOC: So Spider-man or Penance. Either of you can post next. No need to wait. Doompool is currently, after me using Insane as a d4, 4d6+2d8+1d10