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The same could be done just by saying "spells gained from the Paladin class" in the ability description. You only need a glossary when you're using a concept so often that it's easier to define it in a glossary and then refer to it than to mention it separately each time.
In that particular case, "spells gained from the Paladin class" works, but it would be better to have a more comprehensive definition of what "X spells" means. Does "cleric spells" include spells gained through the G&G equivalent of Arcane Disciple or Wyrm Wizard? Is it a "wizard spell" if it's a wand of a spell on the wizard's spell list created by a wizard? Is there a difference between adding something to the paladin list and your paladin list? Much better to have one single definition to cover all cases, because if you have any abilities at all that let you access other classes' spells in any way it will come up then.