Urgh. So I've been making a couple runs at ironman impossible. My best one so far I managed to get through the first month and a half, beat the terror mission, but blew it on a council mission by popping 6 thin men at once and getting torn up.

But I have a question. Last night I tried a new ironman impossible mission and the map it gave me was that graveyard in Mexico. And I can't beat it. I tried several times, but with 8 sectoids all near the start I find that I can't move beyond the SUV without getting at least 5. I tried moving around the back side and up the side path, but that led to the same 5 guys popping issue and then they blew down the wall and killed two of my guys.

Any tips? It's this one specific map that just seems unbeatable to me with 4 rookies, other than trying it so many times that I eventually get a lucky roll of the dice.