[Abandoned-Looking Factory]

"No mommy?"

That's odd! There has to be a mommy around here somewhere! Oh! The baby dragon knows! This must be a test! The baby dragon just has to search hard enough for her around her nest!

The baby dragon attempts to search around its nest for mommy!

"What means hungry?"

The baby dragon asks, curiously sliding its head under the fireproof blanket its egg is on top of.

[Alyca and Miriah's Car - Ride On The Magic Aston Martin!]

Well, shoot. No, not the concealed mounted machine guns, shoot as in drat! Ride on the Magic Aston Martin just doesn't have the same ring to it as Ride on the Magic Schoolbus...

"Then prepare yourself to be bored to death, Justin. These parties are a real drag."

Miriah chuckles from the backseat, texting someone idly about smiley faces.

"Oh don't listen to her. She's such a downer. It'll be fun!"

"And what was the victory party about?"

Look over yon port bow, mate! MagDonalds ahoy! Woo! Yeah! Swarthy! Freshly ground protein paste fried, dipped in artery-clogging finger-licking oils, and shoveled onto a two day old sesame seed bun-like apparatus or something like that! Actually, I'd imagine that MagDonalds food is quite delicious but not quite nutritious! Even with the mystery meat. But you'd have to ask Magtok about that for the definitive answer, and I'm not gonna bug him about drive through service.