Laneside Bowling

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Laneside Bowling

It didn't actually eat the mutton, or lick the cheese.

Because it's dead. "Mrrow."

Yep. Laneside is haunted by a ghost cat. It can enjoy offerings, but doesn't actually eat them.

"Yes," Justin answers honestly, "But only if you think there's a problem. I'd really hate to make you four think about that only for there to be nothing wrong."

Somehow I missed that the mutton wasn't eaten. So I guess the kids did too. "Hey look! It didn't really eat the mutton!" Lily offers the mutton again. "Don't you want to eat this?"

Tito is finished with his kitty break, and returning to work.

Brand is silent for a bit. Finally he says, "I don't know. Maybe he's just growing up faster than I did. But maybe it's more than that. Pansy and I just don't know."