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    Default Re: The Culture explores 40K II: Now With 100% more Fanfiction

    And that's the issue I'm approaching, every issue where they HAVE been approached by these meta physics, it's worked out to nill.

    And that's why I was lobbying to get some form of advantage over to the bad guys side. Not because I want them to win, but because I want to see more driving force put behind the Culture's actions as far as acting goes.

    As is, I think there are area's they are working too fast in as well though, but no story bats a thousand. Especially one written here, without an editing staff and months of pre planning.

    I'm presenting a devils advocate view in order to provide conflict for the sake of constructing a more compelling story. This is an attempt at constructive criticism centered around elements in the story that are either poorly explained, or not addressed due to Jseahs own lack of knowledge about 40k.

    If we tie the Chaos Gods to positive emotions, it deepens the emotional trench. They risk destroying what makes people, people, and turning them essentially into oldcrons at the absolute best, and forces a non conventional solution to a non conventional problem, taking roads aside from the immediately obvious makes a story better so long as that road is believable, and has backing in the setting.

    I love Superhero comics, and I'm one of the first people to champion that higher power levels don't invalidate a good story because physical conflict isn't a necessary focus, but when you MAKE it a focus you need to be sure that the story remains compelling until the action is gone, and we can return to the emotions, and political side of the story. That's why Batman can dodge the Omega Effect when he's with the league, and other times gets tagged by a generic street criminal, or why people occasionally forget they have powers at all when fighting Captain America.
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