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    Default Re: The Culture explores 40K II: Now With 100% more Fanfiction

    Quote Originally Posted by Fan View Post
    Meaning meat sacks are in fact in possession of something that the Minds aren't.


    And I wonder how a mind would take that?
    Well, it's kind of a non-issue since they, as Silica Animus, have Machine Spirits which are similar enough to souls that it really oughtn't to make a difference. Except that their machine spirits have been actively ignored rather than cared for, which can leave them vulnerable to Warp corruption.

    But I agree that the problem here seems to that the Culture has no limitations, in terms of capability or morality, and that makes for a really dull story.

    Use their existing weaknesses. Their citizens and technology are both wide open for Chaos corruption, and that's not something which can be easily changed. Their way of thinking is completely wrong for 40K, since it relies on an immutable rational reality to predict outcomes, where in 40K reality is less tangible than and controlled by belief. Their moral code, which is supposedly so strict that their society is a utopia without anything but popular sentiment keeping it that way, is 100% opposed to the actual measures they would need to take to survive in the 40K verse.

    I would be interested to see a genuine match-up, but this is like Batman v Thor where the two are locked in a 10ft by 10ft adamantium vault, Batman is naked and Thor has the Red Skull's personality.
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