Laneside Bowling

((That was my bad, I was unclear))

It did. It was good. No need for more. You don't get points for piggy backing little thing. "Meow." And just what the heck is other little thing doing? "Mrrow."

"Oh man. I guess, I would ask if how he was feeling, why he doesn't want to play as much as his sister. Do you have a regular doctor? Or a pediatrician?" Justin asks, but quickly amends, "A children's doctor. They'd give you a decent first opinion."

Alyca and Miriah's Car - Magdonald's: We really don't care if you smile or not.

"We won a war," Justin explains vaguely. "The badguys were captured, and their base went kaboom." Justin had essentially finished the storyline of his "game," before he came to the Nexus. He did so much stealing he barely finished with positive Karma. "It was probably only a week before I came to Nexus."

He then reaches into his pocket for a gold coin or two. He's paying. He's totally paying for the food and they can't stop him. The man pays. That's how it works, that's how his forefathers did it, and he's not marring his first date (doesn't matter if Miriah's there, it counts) by being a skinflint. He is a true gentleman.