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OK I am not going to lie at this point. I AM GETTING RALLY IMPATIENT I have been waiting sinse October for my avatar. I at least want a reply saying "what the heck is this thing" or "what do you mean by this."

I have some constructive suggestions for you comrade!

Maybe the reason you haven't had any responses is that you're simply asking for too much? I get that you want to interest the avatarists, but you're asking for two characters in the same avatar..... And that was a simplification from something to do with a dragon?

Plus if your post isn't on the newest pages on the thread then i doubt any avatarists would find it without backtracking a LOT.

Maybe you should try a less complicated request at peak times more recently, instead of getting angry about an unanswered post which is practically invisible by now....

Just a suggestion

Also, one last thought... if the request you have is too difficult for you to attempt, then it probably will be for the avatarists too