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    Default Re: Looking for an Artist to partner with...(DESPERATELY searching)

    No, none of them can be worked out in text. All of them are basically heavily anime inspired. HEAVILY anime inspired. However, my search is over for now because I have gotten not only one, but two potential partners, though one has very little time on her hands. We're already in planing stages now, and one of them already is doing character studies for the comic based on the plot, setting and character info I have given him. As for the other, her and I will be working on a separate project that will be more of a casual thing that may or may not go that far. In other words I have two projects on my hands instead of one, now. I already am scripting out the one that's actually going somewhere right now and after my partner thinks he's set doing character and setting work we'll probably start work on the actual comic.

    So yeah, there is basically no point to this thread now because everything seems to be working out for the best. Now I just need to convince my programer friend to make the host site and I need to buy a domain for all of this stuff....
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