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Apparently the new Call of Duty game isn't that bad.
I gotta be honest. I almost went ahead and got it.

I am a big sucker for future games. My favorite BF is 2142. Then I heard that they actually let Dedicated servers be ranked (Why that was not always the case, I will never know...), then I saw their pick any perks/whatever they call it now. I fully admit, that almost drew me in.

Then I saw Planet Side 2, which is coming to Steam next Tuesday, a F2P game. Its a MMO-FPS game. I am currently in the Beta, and its a good game. There are some issues thats need to be worked out (weapons take way to long to unlock for example), but its solid.

I have been in battles with over 130 people over a single base. As much as I love futuristic games, I love huge battles as much. Squads are 12 men, platoons are 3 squads big. The maps are huge as well.

Its beta, but man, they do need some major work on the optimization, apparently they already put in some fixes in the last patch (I personally have not tested it). Its DX9 based, which saddens me, but oh well.