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    This idea is win, Conan of the Isles was one of my favorites. If they bring the budget and writer, it could be just as mainstream as any Batman was. That was the problem with the recent Conan, it wasn't the setting. Batman and LOTR have proved that the masses can embrace their inner nerd, it's that the story was just a Conan story, it had no "wow" factor.

    Young Arnold was a great young Conan, and I think he's necessary to get the "buzz", but I'm not sure that old Arnold is a great old Conan, I guess we'll see...

    I would love, love, love, to see him as Druss, but definitely not the early prequel books as movies. Gemmel caught the whirlwind with Legend, and never came close with any of his other books as far as I'm concerned. Throw in some flashbacks, but don't do the whole stories, and get rid of the "demon axe" idea, just let him be a man.
    Agreed about Druss. Did you see Arnolds recent pic where he had the whitish beard? Man. It looked perfect.
    Gemmel...too many amazing legends passing away. Though I liked all of his other books even more than Legend.

    I think A.S. will do fine as an aged King Conan. Get him on a roid drip and GO:)
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