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I've been meaning to use my beta, but finding people to play with is annoying at best. Guess i'm just on the wrong server or something? Oh, whichfaction did you pick? I went with the purple alien tech one (Haven't llayed the game in a while, i've just given them nicknames) cause the Heavies look awesome for them. Plus hovertanks ftw.
My R/l friend helped introduce me to the game, so I have been playing with him and his outfit. If you want you can go ahead and add me on Steam, and I can get you an invite to the outfit. The beta closes on the 16th, so I don't know how much I'll play in the next two days.

Since he is Terran Republic, I went TR. Which is the Red faction. I personally would have picked the Vanu as well, but I wanted to join my R/L friend. The server I am on is the one that starts with Ly. Its on the West coast. I don't know if the servers will stay the same or not for release.