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    Great. Allies. If only I had actually remembered a spell component pouch, I would be able to cast suggestion on the leader and have him tell the reinforcements away...... I just realized this keeps me from casting my main offensive spell, fireball, too! (gained ability to cast it from googles.

    I think this is my time to beat it. I don't think I'd be able to tackle on reinforcements with my low hp.... Then again I have mirror image up, and the adventurer inside me is telling me to press on.......

    Screw the job, it's not worth my life!

    I'm guessing it's close to dark time in game? Never go to the docks at night......

    Then again, I could be up against a bunch of level 1 warriors and not even know it...... The adventurer in me is embarassed

    On a side note, how do you handle character deaths? Just create a new one, you review it whenever you have a moment and ta da, you're in again?

    Maz hesitates when he hears the second bell. Great, reinforcements! He reaches down to a pouch...... Or where he had meant to put a pouch once he had bought it! He curses himself silently. Now his greatest spells were beyond his reach....

    Perhaps today just wasn't his day. He decides it time to beat it. He can always come back..... Might be best if he comes back with buddies!

    Oh great, now that he thinks about it, he'll have to give up his appearance. They know what he looks like now. Luckily that was easy for him, but he had worked so hard on this appearance too.

    Now's not the time to get lost in thoughts, he decides. He starts to sneak away from the warriors, and back to the main street. While moving he takes a quick second to retrieve some disgusting greenish liquid, in a vial of course, out of his haversack.

    'Good thing I picked some of this up....' He thinks to himself, for if he uses it with his invisibility spell, it'll last twice as long!


    Move 15ft away, moving to the dock entrance
    Move Silently:(1d20+11)[29]

    Screw it, he's running!
    Move 30ft away, moving to the dock entrance. He keeps towards the side of the road so that anyone running down the center of it won't run him over

    Move action: Retrives Doppleganger Bile from his havardsack. When used with an invisibility spell, the duration is doubled!

    As a note, how far is the entrance from where I am currently? I'll be willing to burn through several invisibility spells to get to the entrance.

    Once he gets into the crowds, he's safe

    Or so he thinks.

    If worse comes to worse, he'll be trying to get all of the enemies in a group and Glitterdust them and hope they have bad will saves....
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