"Ratchet" used an an insult. This is a pretty "urban" insult, and wouldn't be used by bro's except jokingly.

"Alright" pronounced "aiiight."

A bro wouldn't really say yolo except as a joke (just like ratchet)

"ball:" can mean either to have sexual intercourse, spend a lot of money...or play basketball. Mostly it's used as a joke, except when referring to basketball. So a baller/ballah would be somebody who does one of those things.

Legit. Bro's wouldn't say "clutch" or "uber." They might say "tight," often in reference to a really good hip hop song.

"Game": Used in a couple different ways. Somebody who "has game" is somebody who is good with the ladies. "Spittin game" is flirting. "The game" refers to the industry of hip-hop.

I'm pretty up to date on all this stuff. PM me if you have any questions.