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So now we know V's gender for sure

Er, looks good. The characters are more... buff?--than I had imagined, but that's what happens after a bazillion strips of stick figure comic.

Will we ever see Redcloak or Xykon BTW? Or is SC5 not that powerful?
First off, I made V a girl because the feminine faces available in SC5 had more gender ambigous options, IMHO. Also, the more gender ambigous voices. Then I put the chest size down to -20 (minimum) and got to work on the clothes.

A lot of this is inferred. I theorized that Thog was bigger and buffer than Roy, because . . . well Barbarian, honestly. Most of the others are just 'average' sized, though O'Chul, is big and beefy just because I thought he'd be.

Like I said, I am not done by a long shot. I don't think Xykon is possible (though I hear there is an unlockable skull face paint, so maybe?) But I'm working on Redcloak and Tsukiko, as well as random ninja goblin, and random hobgoblin warrior.

Please, send me requests for characters you'd like to see. I can't do the MitD, and probably not Xycon or any skeletons, but anyone with an actual, humanish body I could do.

PS, I could, theoretically, do Durkon, but he'd be a character in name only, as there are no real fighting styles that would fit him well.