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    Well, to be honest I'd feel like I had better odds with a spell component pouch to fuel some of my best spells.


    The adventure calls! I'll give it a shot, if it comes down to it I have tanglefoot bags and invisibility potions.

    I'll challenge them!

    Hmmm...... I have several instant action stopping spells, so as long as all of them can't get to me I'll be ok? Let see, I have mirror image for protection anyways.....

    Maz throws all images of running away out of the window! He was a fighter for crying out loud! Well, a mage, but he was raised and trained by the dark side of the city! And he already backed down once today, he won't do so again!

    Deciding it's time to reveal himself, he figures it'd be best if he can disable them all.

    With this in mind, he starts his attack. First he'll make it hard for them to move. He lifts his hands, and the whole area around them seeming to shake and move around, or at least to the hobogoblins. Unfortunately, it affects some of the ghost warriors too, but not all of them.


    This is medium range, so I'll back up another 10ft first.

    They are still in the Legion of Sentinels spell area right? Or on the opposite side of it?

    Cast Vertigo field, centered on the Legion of Sentinels spell.

    All must make a fortitude save DC20 (Already included: +1 from illusion veil, +1 surprise casting) each round or be nauseated for 1 round. The 6 sentinels closest to hobogobolins (especially the damaged ones) are immune to this effect. Once a creature fails a save, they do not need to make any more saves.

    All attacks within the field suffer a 20% miss chance. And most importantly, all terrain is considered difficult terrain.

    Next round: Offensive time! I am using quite a bit of 3rd level spells though..... Probably should cool it down a little.
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