I don't know any of the players personally so I'll just comment on what I can see from the sheets.

I'm leery of another artificer since they have a rather limited if still excellent power pool. There will be a significant overlap with Dak, which I want to avoid; each character should be distinctive both in and out of combat. Anonomoss' writing seems interesting though, so that's a fairly big plus. Perhaps if he puts in a warlord submission?

Esmerelda seems fine mechanics wise, though we'll need to pick up agile opportunist for full effectiveness. I'm can't help but think that the background seems more suited for a lvl 1 character on the cusp of becoming an adventurer than a paragon character, which for all intents and purposes should count among the movers and shakers of the setting, if only on a small scale (admittedly, Kadaith could use some work on that part too). I'm a little wary.

I think those are the only two complete submissions thus far. As for the other two, I'll wait for builds and backgrounds before commenting.