[Alyca and Miriah's Car - Four Fathers?!]

Geeze! Justin had four fathers? Is that normal for people back in his homeworld?

"A week? So you had just enough time to sleep off the hangover from the afterparty, eh?"

Miriah chuckles from the backseat, snapping a picture of Alyca and Justin with her phone then sending it to someone.

"I've a better hangover cure than sleep. You just take an IV and hook it up to yourself and you're done. I don't drink, but the more you know! And living with Miriah, you do have to know all this trivia because if you don't she'll whinge at you all day. Do you drink, Justin?"

"My friend says you guys are a cute couple. What should I text back?"

Alyca herself places the order for fries and cheeseburgers! And when that's finished, she drives up to the pay/pick-up window and automatically fishes around in her purse for her wallet! But Justin already has it covered!

"I know it is in here somewhere..."

Justin will have to lean over Alyca to pass his money to the guy in the window before Alyca locates her wallet!