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    Quote Originally Posted by lunar2 View Post
    the point is to be able to fly without spells or magic items. a (low level) orc may be able to charge further than he can fly, but he can only charge on the ground. a flying orc can move in 3 dimensions, so he can ignore difficult terrain, get at the casters in the sky, etc. pounce is great for a charger, but it doesn't let you hit things you can't get to.

    also, considering how thick D&D air is, an ogre very well might be able to fly. it would be sort of like swimming through the air. in fact, that should probably be an epic swim check, to swim through the air.

    @using weapons to fly. marvel Thor did it. he'd throw his hammer so hard it dragged him behind it.
    I know the obvious advantages of flight, but why spend two feats and off-set stats when it can be gained by an item or spell of a friendly spellcaster? It may be okay at low-level but to me this doesn't ultimately seem worth it for mid-long campaign build putting aside the mismatch of flavor.
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