Hanks Hookah

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Hanks Hookahs
"That is cool, I never got too far beyond stick figures, though I did try working with clay for awhile. I was pretty terrible at it."

The first time he tried his hand at throwing a pot, he literally ended up throwing the pot at his instructor.

"Ugh... pottery. I was terrible too. I really hated trying to use the wheel."
Charity says, pulling a face.

Laneside Bowling

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Laneside Bowling

((That was my bad, I was unclear))

It did. It was good. No need for more. You don't get points for piggy backing little thing. "Meow." And just what the heck is other little thing doing? "Mrrow."

"Oh man. I guess, I would ask if how he was feeling, why he doesn't want to play as much as his sister. Do you have a regular doctor? Or a pediatrician?" Justin asks, but quickly amends, "A children's doctor. They'd give you a decent first opinion."
"Maybe the treasure seeker cat can ask this kitty why it doesn't eat," Lily says.

"His name is Reinholdt,"
Tito says. "I guess we could ask him."

"He says, and I quote, 'Leelee is such a stupid baby. Why would I want to run around pretending to be a wolf? I'd rather do something useful.'"
Brand chuckles a little, but there's sadness in it as well. "The only doctor we know is Quinn, the doctor at GLoG. I guess finding a doctor who focuses on one thing would be good."