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I would love, love, love, to see him as Druss, but definitely not the early prequel books as movies. Gemmel caught the whirlwind with Legend, and never came close with any of his other books as far as I'm concerned. Throw in some flashbacks, but don't do the whole stories, and get rid of the "demon axe" idea, just let him be a man.
no.. I don't think Arnie has half the charisma necessary to play the role. physically he could do it, sure, but that's about it. I would want someone who can actually act..possibly with less of a thick voice..

as for getting rid of the demon axe.. by the time of Legend, the axe was just an axe, albeit one that didn't need sharpening..and Druss was always both "just a man" and so much more than just a man.. and was never really controlled by Snaga.
have you been reading the same books I read?

on a more personal note..I agree that Legend kind of tops the series if not in quality at least in tone and inspiration..but the other books of the drenai series are just as good a read.