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Speaking of Minsc, am I the only person who never liked him? He died way too easily, for one thing (he was better in BGII, where his Berserk rage was useful against mind-controlling enemies). I can't count the numbers of reloads I had to do because his armor class sucked.

I almost laughed when my coworker first mentioned how he hated how often "Minsc got chunked", my friends and I used the same term. Apparently it's a very common problem with BG players.

I don't mind a character being less than optimal, but he's just so annoying. If he were a bit less mandatory, I wouldn't mind so much.
But, naturally, you have to start BG2 with the "good ally" characters that you hate. If I started with Coran, Yeslick, and/or Kivan, I'd be a happy gamer.