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Has anyone else seen this?


I was all for it right up until around 4:25 when it mentioned classes. I just... It doesn't feel like an Elder Scrolls game to me if you have to shoe horn your character into a class, ya know? That was the biggest aspect of any TES game for me. Being able to create almost any concept you could think up.
From what I understand yes there will be different classes to choose from but you will still have a good amount of freedom to personalize it.
For example if you choose a cleric like base class you can make it into a lot of different things:
-A Paladin like class with a 2h sword heavy armor and a few healing spells
-A standard cleric with tons of healing, sword and board and heavy armor
-A leather armor wearing dual dagger thief with healing spells

So if my understanding of the system is correct then it actually is a very good compromise between being able to balance it for pvp and being able to create the character you want.

As for the pvp system itself, it sounds very much like daoc actually, I donīt get what you mean by scripted, you will have the three warbands (virtual servers in the megaserver, I think?) fight against each other in the central rvr zone which is an instance but a persistent one.

I personally, after initially being completely against teso and wanting nothing to do with it whatsoever, am actually pretty psyched about it now after hearing what they want to do with the game.

The question remains if they can deliver all that they promise in their videos ^^