Kidd's eyes focus in on the glasses. The swirls drawing his eyes, but not for the reason that Robin thinks. Oh sure the glasses work on him, he could have broken out with a lot of effort, but something else saves Kidd from hypnotism this day. The swirls of her glasses...SWIRLS BY THEIR VERY NATURE ARE UNSYMMETRICAL! This really grinds Kidd's gears as, he by his nature is orderly. His parent could be as wily as the geese when s/he wanted. However Kidd was literally a being of order. It is what makes him. This is the reason for his OCD towards symmetry. To him it is the penultimate of order. To him Asymmetry is chaos his direct opposite (Soul Eater Cannon explanation).

As such Kidd's eyes fill with rage as he says, "Or you could tell me know and I don't punch those unsymmetrical abominations off you face and crush them in the dust. Also I have to insist that you stop harassing this person." At that last part his points at Stocking.