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What bothers me with fanservice is the double standards. On the other hand double standars bother me everywhere they pop up.

I want MORE for-female fanservce. Not less fanservice for males. I want full frontal male nudity to be as accepted as full frontal female nudity (and bare behind nudity as well, of course).

And so forth. Of course, I am weird.
Too be fair, I dont think full frontal nudity is very common for women. The genital area is pretty much always obscured somehow, male or female. So its really just topless frontal shots, which are very common for men and women, though considered to be way more of a big deal in american culture at least, for women. And there have been almost as many bare male butts over the years as female. There was a cop drama show awhile back on regular cable that seemed to have at least one bare male butt every episode, but I cant for the life of me remember what it was. Probably because that was its main draw as an attempt to be "edgy" or whatever.