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Okay, let's take a look at the creatures the king has enchanted at this point.
All four powerful alien wizards, this lightning mage, and Miranda herself. Of those six, why did he not use the "free will destroying" brand of enchantment on Miranda?
What purpose does having the Maestro serve to his plans? When was the last time he was in the comic? I only remember the electric guitars.

No emotional connection exists with this character. Beyond Miranda/Mookie saying "O No!" about what is a casual acquaintance at best.
Yeah, did Mookie forget that just what, a month ago? We hear that the king generally refuses to use mind control on humans. Miranda only got a nudge to not work too hard. But then we find out, oh wait, sometimes he does, like when he took out the king and queen. And now, oh wait, he did it to the maestro too. So why not control the one human that actually has a shot of equaling you? The archmage chosen as your replacement? Nah, lets control the one trick wonder that can be beaten by wearing rubber soled shoes.