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As for the pvp system itself, it sounds very much like daoc actually, I donīt get what you mean by scripted, you will have the three warbands (virtual servers in the megaserver, I think?) fight against each other in the central rvr zone which is an instance but a persistent one.
By "scripted" I mean it works like a two-way version of the Spartan Ops mode from Halo 4, if you've ever played that. A set of corridors, events, and sub-missions for the players that always happens exactly the same way every battle. If the defenders could place and design their own fortifications, and the attackers had to actually work together to form a strategy to get through them, that might actually be interesting. In the "scripted" way I'm imagining (which I admit is based on nothing but gut feeling) I just don't see how anyone could find it interesting on the second playthrough, which is exactly the problem Spartan Ops has.