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    Default Re: Wizard with Extra Spell and writing in the spellbook

    Quote Originally Posted by Biffoniacus_Furiou View Post
    I've actually played in a game where the DM decided that Wizards don't automatically learn new spells when they level up, every spell must be discovered and studied. I played a Sorcerer.
    I played a Sorceror in a game where the dm claimed my character needed to find wizard spell scrolls to learn new spells ignoring the fact that I had gone as far as to actually create the character's teacher and included the information with the character sheet handed in every session.
    Being the only arcane spellcaster and that dependent meant she had to pick up Identify and tried to avoid spells with spell components as best as possible going so far as to ask the dm to replace the Summon Familiar with a single bonus feat in this case Extra Spell so she could add Endure Elements to her known spell list as the party was about to cross into a desert for several days travelling... then the dm allowed the other players to get heat resistant armour for their characters making the effort completely pointless... well until we reached the ruin and had to dig the entrance clear of sand... I made sure the only cleric of the party was protected from the elements along with mine just to be safe!

    I agree about it looking like a palm olive branch to sorceror's to cover all the nerfing done to prevent it being better balanced when compared to Wizards but thats an entirely old series of threads dealt with (way, way!) in the past however the one advantage i see is that taking that would allow you to ignore a bad roll for a spell you feel your character absolutely needs and after 3.5 i believe they allow the option to retrain after all well they do allow sorceror's to change their spell list every 4th level or so (1 spell mind you buts enough about Sleep or Colour Spray!)
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