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Well, on one hand, I'm glad that Mookie is at least trying to create surprise and tension. On the other hand, as everyone else pointed out, this is full of plot holes.

So Miranda's a supermage going up against another supermage, and she instantly trusts anyone who walks through the door, even though she knows that mind control is her opponent's favorite (only) trick? And why did the King choose the Maestro, of all people, to pull this? He would have had to have known that Miranda would want to contact the Maestro, but he could he know something like that? Why couldn't he have used someone who's a lot closer to the Deegans, like say, Luna? It's not like Miranda's actually doing anything to protect her.
Well, first off, we DONT know that he hasnt mind controlled someone close by. Last second sleeper agent attacks are a fairly common trope in this sort of story. But, even if he doesnt do that, there is a good excuse. He doesnt want to take that risk. If any of the people there suddenly start acting even a little different, it could raise suspicions. Combine that with him needing the time and opportunity to cast his mind control, and its a dicey prospect. That being said, literally anyone who has been away from the crowd for more than a minute could be turned into the last second sleeper agent. Luna might be a sleeper, but then again, she is just so great that it would only cause one strip drama as she breaks through out of twu wub.