I believe it was me, Mewthario, that pointed out how easy it would have been to just sort of reach on over, tap her face with a wand, and headsplosion instead of playful shock.

Then we find out that the one who so casually reached on over and shocked Miranda has been brainwashed by the King into an assassin.

Despite being given the absolutely PERFECT opportunity to assassinate Miranda right then and there . . . To nip this Anti-King Coalition in the bud with pathetic ease . . . Assassin!Maestro instead decides that he should just come right out and say "Oh, FYI, totally working for the King now, babe. I'm gonna make lightning come out of my eyes and do some dramatic flourishes so you have time to prepare a defense."

I honestly don't think I can take the sheer quantity of bewildering mental retardation being thrown our way anymore. This **** is increasing exponentially.