Maz grins. Everything was going perfectly! Now they would have such a hard time getting to him, not to mention they'd either have to move through his ghosts or take extra time to move around them!

Still, as time had told him over and over again, it's best to be extra careful. He pulls out a vial of disgustingly green liquid, and his face clearly shows that the smell isn't much better. Still, he holds onto it, while holding his left hand towards the leader.

"Not much you can do now, huh?" Maz sneers. His gloves briefly glow, ad release 3 speeding bullets of force towards the leader.


Move action, draw a vial of Doppleganger bile from the havardsack.

Standard action, sacrifice 1st lvl spell for the gloves, cast magic missile.

(3d4+3)[13] Force damage to the leader. Not much, but whelm is just weak, and whelming blast would catch some of my legion in it.