I would like to request an avatar for my 2ed character, as i'm really impressed by the ones being posted here whilst being just as disappointed with my (lack of) skill as an avatarist.

The character I want uses the 2ed blade kit for bards, although looks more like a pirate (as he used to be one )

He looks similar to this, although there are some very important differences

First difference is that he is about 200% less camp, which is important. Please do not give the avatar eyeliner, but keep the beard, as beards are manly. Please make the beard MORE manly if possible

He wears a white shirt in the same style, although it's not velvet (thank Odin), and a plain black bandana.

He also has several knives sheathed in his belt, and scimitars instead of pistols as well as a signet ring on his left hand, which i appreciate is difficult to accurately do so don't worry too much about it

Thanks in advance to whoever takes this on, the reward is two Internets.