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Sorry for any confusion, I was meaning that if I were to condense "The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend" and the other assorted prequel stories about Druss into a set of flashbacks for a movie based on the book "Legend" I would not include the idea of Snaga as a sentient weapon.
You see, I liked Snaga being a demonically possessed weapon. It further emphasized just how strong Druss was, not in body, but in will. Its history of turning all who used it into psychotic slaughtering monsters underscored Druss and his ability to avoid that fate. The one time it got out of his possession, (when he got captured by bandits and tossed in a dungeon for the better part of a year) we got to see exactly what kind of effect it has on the weak minded when the bandit leader started using it. Druss was like some sort of greek hero without the tragic fate. He had to face endless trials, had a hopeless quest he would not stop chasing after, was tested physically, mentally, emotionally. He became an inspirational figure, and one whose very name would make his enemies shudder in fear. He walked through hell itself and came back out with exactly what he wanted. His axe was a central part of so much of his back story, it would be a travesty to diminish it.