I would assume that the game doesn't provide options for more slender characters.

Awesome job, by the way--only complaint I have is that Crystal looks far too svelte and attractive!
I tried to make SC5 human-analogues to the characters, so no, they are not stick figures. You can modify the 'bulkieness' but I figured characters like Roy, Thog, and so one would be pretty buff. I don't think Crystal or Haley or V are all that bulky, personally. Plus, adding craptons of armor to everyone tends to make the fighty types look bulkier.

I suppose I could try and make Crystal less attractive. The main problem is that Crystal's hairstyle is fairly unique and there is no good analogue for it in the game.

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When i saw the thread i had no idea what this "sc" was, then i figured it would be the common crappy fan-art made by people with little skill, but I have to say, those are nicely done. the ambiguity on V is perfect, and haley looks just like her.

Only note, nale's goatee is wrong, but I suppose there wasn't the right one available.
Sadly true. SC5's character creation mode is very versatile, but the one thing they forgot to do was include facial hair customization (but given everything else, that is hardly surprising.)

You are given a variety of faces. There are several clean-shaven, ONE with a decent beard, one with a handlebar, a few with a creepy pedo-mustashe, and a few with perma-stubble. Sadly, no goatees, so I had to make do with what I could.

Glad you enjoyed it.